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Cleaner, healthier, safer water for your family’s pool with a saltwater chlorination system.

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The Clear and Easy Choice

See why a saltwater chlorination system is the clear choice for your family’s swimming pool.


The chlorine generated by a saltwater chlorinator leaves water feeling soft and soothing, without reducing clarity or cleanliness.


Because simple salt is added directly to the swimming pool, it’s eco-friendly. No need for chlorine tablets filled with additives or large quantities of algaecides. It’s safer for your family and for the environment.


No more handling harsh chemicals or dealing with uncomfortable itchy red eyes. Saltwater chlorinators are healthier for your family.


Salt can be purchased at pool supply stores or even the local hardware store at a fraction of the price of pool chemicals. Think about the financial savings over the long run.


No more hassle of buying, storing and measuring doses of chemical chlorine– just periodically drop in salt. It’s a low-maintenance way to keep your pool fresh and clean.